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Software Engineering

Livanta provides a disciplined approach to designing, developing, and deploying software. Referred to as the Livanta™ Software Engineering Process (LSP), Livanta’s approach ensures that its software products are developed on predictable schedules and budgets and meet public sector agencies' needs. LSP encapsulates the best practices in software development and is suitable for a wide range of projects. Software best practices are proven approaches to software development that position the software development team to deliver quality software successfully on time and within budget. The LSP is based upon five software best practices:

  1. Iterative Software Development
  2. Active Requirements Management
  3. Architecture-Centric Approach
  4. Verify Software Quality
  5. Software Change Management

Value Proposition: Livanta’s expertise in software engineering and use of best practices establishes repeatable, measurable, and predictable environments in which mission-critical software systems are developed, giving clients the peace of mind that systems will be delivered on time and within budget.