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Patients from all walks of life face obstacles with their medical care, especially after a hospital discharge or other transition of care.
The TEASA solution improves health outcomes and decreases health care costs by supporting patients and their caregivers when they are most at risk for adverse outcomes, such as during care transitions or other times that healthcare services must be carefully coordinated. With TEASA, patients can have an improved healthcare navigation experience with easy-to-use technology, access to experts, and secure information sharing.

What is TEASA?
An interactive, secure, cloud-based application built for patients and their caregivers.

How does TEASA help patients with their healthcare journey?
TEASA enables patients and their caregivers to navigate through the complex healthcare system. TEASA lets patients create their own care teams and grant secure access to their healthcare information, schedules, and tasks. TEASA connects patients and their caregivers with experienced personal advocates to help navigate any barriers to achieving the health and wellness goals that matter most.

What is TEASA?
Your team, your care, your health.