Information Technology Services

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Website Development and Maintenance

Livanta has years of experience building web solutions for public sector healthcare agencies. Livanta uses its mastery of web services and web-based automation services for various applications. This includes websites and web applications for public-facing healthcare portals, enterprise dashboards, as well as case management and workflow solutions. Livanta’s engaging website designs leverage 2D/3D design that will captivate clients. Livanta takes advantage of APIs like the Web Graphics Library (WebGL) and Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) to provide an appealing look and feel to Livanta’s developed websites. JavaScript and CSS frameworks like Animate.css, Bounce.js, and Magic Animations are employed to give clients the cleanest look and feel.

Value Proposition: Livanta’s digital expertise providing computer services to public sector agencies at the federal and state-levels and its years of experience building web solutions ensures that clients get solutions that work and are well received by beneficiaries and citizens.