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Case Management

Livanta’s Case Management System (LCMS), part of the Zuilder suite of products, is used for all software projects at Livanta. LCMS is a low-code/no-code platform limiting development to only what is needed to support the customer’s data requirements, workflows, user roles, and specific forms and reports. LCMS is configured for several health and human services use cases and includes a myriad of features and functions.

The system has dashboards configurable at both user and management levels. User dashboards, such as the one pictured above, provide task- and schedule-based information to assist with daily work. Users can configure management-level dashboards to support trending and demographic analysis across multiple business units.

The system has configurable workflows to support case management activities, including intake and investigation workflows. These workflows incorporate Artificial Intelligence through IBM Watson to identify abuse allegations from an intake narrative. The system supports forms automation. These forms can include context-sensitive sections, in which additional parts of the form are presented based upon the answers to questions within the form.